Karmic Revelations
Where nonsense makes sense simply by not making sense.

By Shye A.D.


I'm leaving you, and yes, I've got something new to play with now. Didn't mean to hurt you, even though I know I am, and that I have screwed up your scripts...

But I can't go any further with this. I'm sorry. But I won't just throw you away...The memories we've shared, and the experiences, and the services you offered...I will always cherish them.

So I won't be shoving you off of my life a.k.a delete you.

If you ever need me, and I doubt you will because by now you' be hating me and my entire existence...You can find me here k? karmicrevelations.tumblr.com

I'm sorry...


Luigi vs. Mario

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Was trying to search for a cherry cheesecake how-to and ended up straying too far away and got this. Haha. Cracked me up. Well...not as much as this other vid...But I'll share that one later.



Ramekins for my present, anyone?

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Pretty please? Pretty F****** please???

Huu,,,Seriously, I want to OWN these...How am I supposed to make Lava cakes, and Creme Brulees and Souffles without ramekins??


Anyone knows of any fancy shop selling fancy ramekins? Please do tell...T_T

I was surfing and there were even ramekins with handles. @_0. Gawd.

Please help me...



By Shye A.D.

Yay..I'm blogging again!

Hmph. How long will it last this time...

Shut up. Anyway, hye bloggie-babe! Hee...I lost my, erm, item of inspiration, so yeah. Well...Not really lost, just not here. Huhu.

You're starting to think of what or who this 'item' corresponds to, yes? *evil snicker*

Horrible people...Lol.

And I lost all the links...T_T

JUST GIVE A SHOUT SO I CAN RE-LINK!!! Huhu...The box is there, so yeah.


Five Skandhas

By Shye A.D.

So I was...bored...and contemplated in my life again so I could attain Buddhaness. (Not Buddhahood, that's a different thing. Huhu...)

And I found so much...Hate..Anger...Vengeance!!

Thus, in order to re-establish balance and stability, I need to find a means of venting it out. And opted for...


Muahaha...I've got a good recipe on my hand so now I just need the money. Huhu...

Mau duittt...


Scene Hair!!

By Shye A.D.

Good Morning. ^_^

You know what? I woke up with a weird side project/resolution thing.

I want Scene Hair!!

<------------- T_T Boohoo!! I want....


I implore you, all of those who are colour-blind, attempt *NOT* in making caramel. May you not be deceived by the glaring orange, and lead you to disappointment, and disdain.

Blessed be.